Dr. Johal's Book Cover for the book - Do You See What I See?Do You See What I See?
A book by
Dr. Sandy Johal

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111-15161 #10 Highway Surrey, BC, V3S 9A5

Do You See What I See?

Hey Kids… Do you have a hard time in school?

• Do you hate to read?
• Do you ever see double?
• Do your words move?
• Do your words look blurry?
• Do you write your letters backwards?
• Do you forget your spelling words?
• Do you get headaches after school?
• Do you have difficulty catching a ball?

Your eyes are meant to see clearly. You should be able to read and understand what you are reading, without losing your place, getting a headache, become tired or rubbing your eyes. No, those things shouldn’t be happening when you read. When you see clearly, you have more fun with what you see and what you do.

“Do You See What I See?” will show you how to get help.


“My son’s life has been totally changed. His vision therapy was the best investment for his future.”

—Issac’s Mom

“Eye therapy was fun and it helped me to read and now I love to read.”

—Issac, age 9

Dr. Sandy Johal is a Developmental Optometrist with a special emphasis on pediatric vision disorders and vision deficits after concussion. Based in Surrey, British Columbia, kids love seeing her because she’s friendly, gets to know them and has a great sense of humor.

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Do You See What I See?
a book by Dr. Sandy Johal

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