Dr. Johal's Book Cover for the book - Do You See What I See?Do You See What I See?
A book by
Dr. Sandy Johal

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111-15161 #10 Highway Surrey, BC, V3S 9A5



Let’s celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Panorama Optometry! As part of our anniversary, we would like to share the successes of our patients and employees. Each month, we’ll post new testimonials both here and on our facebook page.

Laura Cooper – Vision Therapy Manager

Our first “Remembering the Decade” testimonial is from Laura, our Vision Therapy Manager.   ” I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the panorama optometry family since 2008.  The clinic us ever evolving and there truly has never been a dull …day. From day one I have been inspired to help people change their lives through improving their vision. My favourite memory was travelling to Puerto Rico with Dr. Johal to sit for my board examinations and become a certified vision therapist.” – Laura Cooper

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Do You See What I See?
a book by Dr. Sandy Johal

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